George Robb

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Born in Belfast in 1959, George Robb studied at BIFHE and Belfast Exposed professional development courses.  He is a photographer and is currently undertaking an MFA photography in the University of Ulster.

George Robb’s photographs explore the ‘Orange’ band and ‘Unionist’ culture of the 11th night bonfires and 12th of July parades. It is an observation of individuals in celebratory events at the same time it explores changes in cultural and political shifts. The images play on the energy created by the community through the experience of fun, joy, and camaraderie; however, with strong military associations and often considered anti-Nationalist it has conflicting histories. Robb is particularly interested in the interdependence and relationships established in the parade, the bands, and the audience. He poses an alternative narrative in post-conflict NI. Highlighting this story is giving a voice to the community through observation and presentation rather than judgment.